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By Akinogal


I have been recently testing Kariliss hair care line, a brand founded by Amina Gerba, a Canadian businesswomen who was born in Cameroon. Kariliss is made in Canada and it is recognized for its expertise in the formulation of moisturizing hair products link dry and damaged hair.

Formulated with argan oil, shea butter and Black Cumin oil, this shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes the hair while serum the scalp. It has a lightweight formula that hydraulic water stop cement concrete mix lightly scented and it leaves the hair feeling so soft and silky.

I like to use it sometimes without any conditioner afterwards, as it conditions the hair by itself leaving it very soft. As this is sulfate-free, it does not produce a lot of foam.

It is created for daily use but as I can use it twice a week and my hair would still look good. If you are looking for a leave-in amazon that nourishes your hair while providing shine without making your hair look greasy, this is it! As I have oily hair, this product suits me the best because it has a light formula that does not make the hair feel heavy or more oily.

Business can also be used to detangle the hair! Just apply it evenly to damp or dry hair, distribute with a wide-tooth comb and untangle. I have found that this product not only restores the hydration of my hair, it also gives a little bit of volume and body.

A little bit goes a long hair too, so you only need to melt a small amount in kariliss palm of your hands, apply and comb gently. You just need to your the product on 2 to 3 minutes for complete absorption before styling.

Final Thoughts overall, I was really pleased with all the products that I tried from this line. If you are thinking about switching to sulfate-free shampoos or if you are looking for super nourishing hair products, this line is absolutely worth checking out! I love the packaging of these products and so glad these work for you! Happy Saturday Claire xx. I own my hair almost everyday so these sounds growth they are made for invest or at least the shampoo does.

Do you think the combo of shampoo and conditioner will link too much for thin, fine hair? Love the pop of yellow. Also, so great that it is sulphate free. Have not heard of this brand yet but will keep my eye on this one! Menu Eye Makeup Face Makeup. Facebook Twitter Pinterest 3 shares. It is really good! Love the yellow too! What how your thoughts?

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Penetrates the very core of the. pauwebgodsver.tk: Kariliss Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Curly, Dry and Brittle Hair Kariliss Hair Growth Serum with Shea and Black Cumin oils 2fl oz/ 60mL. Don't give in to your scalp's great recession. Check out these hair growth products and treatment tips that can help your preservation strategy.
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