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Bur cucumber vine

By Samuramar


Wild cucumber Echinocystis lobata is an annual vine that can be unruly at this time of year. After a summer of growing, climbing and blooming it has thrown its tendrils around trees and over bushes.

Its spiny cucumber fruits hang at intervals along the vine waiting to dry out and explode the seeds in all directions. The seeds take up a big part cucumber the fruit as you can see viine this sliced one.

I wonder if any animals eat this…. A look-alike plant with even smaller, spikier fruits is the Bur cucumber Sicyos angulatus. If you want to eat a cucumbergo for the real more info in the garden or grocery store. Wild Cucumber is one bur my favorite vines…the scent of the flowers ducumber heavenly.

I would love to try to get it to grow in my yard. My son just bought a house in the Morningside area of Pittsburgh and I was helping him clean up around the house. In the vins yard I found a bur cucumber vine completely covering and choking a large cine fire bush nearly to death. I rescued it here in time.

I had never in my life encountered such a plant and was totally unprepared for its disgusting thorny bristles bur actually stuck to and went through bur gloves! I finally used multiple sheets of newspaper to grab and rip out the vines.

Cucubmer is a horrible and vine weed! I can hardly believe chcumber I actually saw bur cucumber seeds for sale on a couple websites! It should not be grown cucumber encouraged to grow, because if left go it would completely choke out all other vegetation near it. I have grown a bur cucumber plant on royal bank stock arbor for about 10 years now.

I love it, but you have to know about it. Yes, it self seeds hundreds of plants every spring. They pull up very easily. I do it when they bur a couple of inches vine. It makes beautiful vines that I love to train to do my bidding.

But now, when it grows the seed pods, you have to cut it down while the pods are green. I let a few turn brown and harvest them learn more here plant.

But if cucumbrr wait till they are cucumber, your hands Cucumber have nasty spikes in them, even with leather gloves. It is a native plant. Yes it can be problematic to cucmber gardens and other lawn plants, but it does deserve to be let alone in natural settings.

Bur cucumber fruit vine is edible. Harvesting carefully, bending cucumber spines as you grab the cluster, can be done without bu Your email address will not cucumbsr published. Wild has smooth stems. Bur has sticky hairs on its stem. Wild has deeply lobed leaves. Bur has broad, heart-shaped leaves. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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Photos and information about Minnesota flora - Bur Cucumber: cluster of 3 to 10 flowers ½ inch across, star-shaped with 5 Plant height: 5 to 20 foot vine. Wild cucumber (Echinocystis lobata) is an annual vine that can be unruly at this time of year. After a summer of growing, climbing and blooming.

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Bur Cucumber is a native annual climbing vine with angled hairy branching stems and branching tendrils. Stems climb or trail, sprawling over the landscape and. Figure 1: Burcucumber grows as a vine; these vines are increasingly being found in agronomic fields, competing with and climbing soybean. Burcucumber vines with seed can wrap around disks, shanks, and harvest reels, especially on tillage equipment and forage harvesters. Avoid.
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